Simpsons of Kildwick

Those dreaded brick walls

Many family history researchers have come across one or two brick walls in their research.

We are not an exception!

One of our toughest walls to get through was linking up the 'Donnybrook' Simpsons with our lot.  Michelle White made the connection; using shipping records, births and baptisms, deaths and other documents and grit determination. This new link opened up a whole new aspect in our research and lots more family members.

I am including various walls that are still standing. Take up the challenge and bring on your bull dozers.

Challenge 1.

William Simpson's birth/baptism.

Ok, lets work backwards.

- William died in 1843.  His death certificate stated his age was 80 years old. Thus he was born circa 1763. The 1841 census states that he was 'born in this county' - Yorkshire.

- We know he was in Rylstone for the births/baptisms of his 5 children. (Parish records)

- His marriage, in 1788 at Giggleswick, states: "of Kirkby Malham". This doesn't mean that he was born there- but living there at the time of his marriage.

Our best candidate.

A perfect choice would be for our William to be the son of John Simpson and Sarah Pettyt, baptised 13th March 1763 at St. Oswald's Church Arncliffe, Yks.  This John Simpson was a tailor.

What we don't have.

Documents to prove the link!

- we have tried to find a blacksmith indenture for William and have had no luck.

- we have tried to find a will for his 'possible 'father' - John Simpson, Tailor. - no luck.

If we can make this connection we will go back two more generations.  We have all the details just waiting to add on.