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The books have arrived and they look awesome!

Launch date - Sunday, 23rd September 2012 (if you wish to attend please email me)


I will also be in Deniliquin on Saturday the 13th of October for their Genealogy Muster to sell books. 

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Family Updates


Hi, and welcome to my website on the Simpson Family of Kildwick, West Riding, Yorkshire. 

I will try and keep this page updated with any new and exciting finds on our family history. Please feel free to pass on anything you think would make the 'Gossip Column.'

Special thanks to Mark Bentley for taking such wonderful photos of Kildwick which I have made use of for this site. I have also used a couple of photos from Heather Magnabosco.

Please check out the NLA, newspaper site on the Links page.  You will note that Michelle White and I have tagged quite a few articles as 'Kildwick Simpsons'.  You will read lots of interesting articles on the Simpson family in Australia.

Also worth checking  out is the  Hay Historical Society's web site (see Link page).  You will note one of the key pioneers is our very own Thomas Simpson.

This site is a family affair.  All the research and data gathered has been a team effort.

Site update

2012 -

More family secrets and lies have been caught out! (Margaret smirks with great excitement.)

Want to know more?

All will be revealed when the book is published later this year. 


2011 -

David Simpson's first wife, Ellen Robinson, did not die as we had all presumed. She lived on to find other relationships and have more children.

That would explain why David did not declare certain information at his second marriage in Australia. Had he been a widow he would not be concerned about holding back the information.

Special thanks to Paul Guy and Josie Walsh for researching the information on this line.


Exciting Find!

 On a recent trip to Deniliquin, a township in NSW, Australia, I met up with a distant cousin, Peter Simpson.

 In his collection of photos was a very old image of a man standing beside a headstone.  The photo was so old it was torn down the centre and taped up.

On returning home I eagerly scanned the pic and zoomed in on the writing on the headstone.  Written on the headstone was Robert Simpson, d.1841, his brother, George, d. 1854, and their mother Elizabeth Simpson (nee Whitaker) d. 1858. The headstone was at St. Andrews Church, Kildwick, Yks.

 It gets better!

The information on the back of the photo was a simple family tree suggesting that the gentleman standing by the grave site was none other than John Simpson, Blacksmith, born in 1793, Rylstone, Yks.

 As genealogists this is the 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow and we are very fortunate that the photo has survived all these years later.

 The image below is a copy of that pic which I have attempted to mend through photoshop.



 More updates on this photo:

With the aid of our good friend and researcher, Josie Walsh, we have been able to find the exact location of this burial site.  Sadly the headstone is no longer there but if you are ever visiting St. Andrews church in Kildwick you will notice a headstone for the Laycock family that has an unusual carved image of the church organ placed there. (just near the car park) Our Simpsons were buried just behind this grave (if you are standing and looking directly at the headstone.)





The photos are now divided into family folders.  I hope this is easier for everyone to place them. I apologise for the quality of some of the pics, and will do my best to rectify and find better quality ones. Thankyou to everyone who has supplied these wonderful family pics. Still more photos to come.

I have also learnt to link one page to another.  Yeah - surprised me too!  You will note  links in the Family Tree page to the page 'Family Tree-2', this shows the next generation.  Lots more to do there so please be patient with me.  Still experimenting.

I was hoping to add more page for Family Tree, but unfortunately I am limited to 10 pages.  May consider moving the memorial photos into the photo albums.


I have just added a new page - Brick Walls, hope you find the challenges interesting.

I have included a Memorial page with numerous headstones of our dear ancestors.

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